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My wife and I are Missionaries in Puebla, Mexico. One of the things I am passionate about is putting the truths of the Bible into practice.  For me, that’s all about Learning, Discipleship, Mentoring, Leadership Development, and living a life of worship – praise and adoration of God.  I hope this website will be of help to you as much as it is to me.  We will think through some important things we need to put into practice in our lives so the world may know the Lord Jesus Christ.  It will require thought, wisdom and discipline to know how to best apply those truths to our lives.

Phil’s expertise in the area of Leadership and Worship come from his varied ministry experience and his studies in worship.

His degree, Doctor of Worship Studies is from the Institute of Worship Studies.

Phil has over 25 years experience Pastoring in various roles in Canadian Churches. His passion is Leadership Development and Practical Theology.