Into Practice …

Mightier …

Psalm 93:1-5 NLT

[1] The LORD is king! He is robed in majesty. Indeed, the LORD is robed in majesty and armed with strength. The world stands firm and cannot be shaken.

[2] Your throne, O LORD, has stood from time immemorial. You yourself are from the everlasting past.

[3] The floods have risen up, O LORD. The floods have roared like thunder; the floods have lifted their pounding waves.

[4] But mightier than the violent raging of the seas, mightier than the breakers on the shore- the LORD above is mightier than these!

[5] Your royal laws cannot be changed. Your reign, O LORD, is holy forever and ever.

Reflection …

There is so much that makes the Lord mightier than all things …

  • His great majesty
  • His immense strength
  • His eternal existence
  • His holy reign

The list could go on, but this Royal Psalm focuses our attention on His characteristics that make Him mightier than any other kingdom or kingdom reign.

Let’s take a few moments to praise Him for His excellent greatness that sets Him above all powers and all things.

Video – Greatness of our God