Reflecting on God’s Word . . .

God acts!

Psalm 99:1-5 NLT

[1] The LORD is king! Let the nations tremble! He sits on his throne between the cherubim. Let the whole earth quake!

[2] The LORD sits in majesty in Jerusalem, exalted above all the nations.

[3] Let them praise your great and awesome name. Your name is holy!

[4] Mighty King, lover of justice, you have established fairness. You have acted with justice and righteousness throughout Israel.

[5] Exalt the LORD our God! Bow low before his feet, for he is holy!

Reflection . . .

Verse 4 is often overlooked in this Psalm. God answers prayer, He acts, He performs great things, always in with fairness, justice and righteousness! We could study each one of these characteristics at great length, but it is clear here that God does not just act at our every whim or request to satisfy us in our human frailty. He acts in perfection, granting what is best for us because we are His creation.

Nowadays we’d rather focus solely on God’s goodness, love and kindness. These characteristics would not be worth anything, they would not be fair or complete without a balance of holiness, justice and righteousness. When we pray, let’s remember that our requests are an expression and desire of our hearts and minds, but God in His perfection always acts and answers according to what is best.

I think we sometimes discourage ourselves by a misconception of the exact meaning of the expression “answer,” taking it to mean only grant. Now, an answer is not necessarily acquiescence. It may be a refusal, an explanation, a promise, a conditional grant. It is, in fact, simply attention to our request expressed. In this sense, before we call he will answer, and while we are yet speaking, he will hear. 

Mary B. M. Duncan

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