Reflecting on God’s Word . . .

Psalm 81:8-10 NLT

[8] “Listen to me, O my people, while I give you stern warnings. O Israel, if you would only listen to me!

[9] You must never have a foreign god; you must not bow down before a false god.

[10] For it was I, the LORD your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.

Reflection . . .

The Lord does give warnings. These verses reflect the commandments given to not have any other gods before the one and true God, Jehovah (The 10 Commandments! (Exodus 20)).

Two things stand out in these verses:

  1. We as God’s people, must not have any other god before Him. Anything can be a god, can become more valuable than God alone. It could be social media, TV, family, a relationship, anything! So, we need to guard ourselves and keep our focus on the Lord God. How do we do that? By listening to His Word, by prayer and talking with others about Him.
  2. God will fill us with good things when we are His and only His! It seems that so rarely people find great blessing in the Lord because their focus is on other things. Let’s get our focus on Him, on what He wants to do in and through our lives and then see what blessings He’ll fill us with.