Reflecting on God’s Word . . .

2 Peter 3:14-16 NLT

[14] And so, dear friends, while you are waiting for these things to happen, make every effort to be found living peaceful lives that are pure and blameless in his sight.

[15] And remember, our Lord’s patience gives people time to be saved. This is what our beloved brother Paul also wrote to you with the wisdom God gave him—

[16] speaking of these things in all of his letters. Some of his comments are hard to understand, and those who are ignorant and unstable have twisted his letters to mean something quite different, just as they do with other parts of Scripture. And this will result in their destruction.

Reflection . . .

Prior to these verses, Peter talks about the coming of the Lord and here he encourages us in what we are to do while we wait.

Live pure and blameless lives!

Why? Because our purpose here on earth is to demonstrate and show what God has done in us — He has given us new life and that new life brings peaceful living and transformation through His Holy Spirit. Communicating God’s love and the good news of the Gospel is the work we are to be about as followers of Jesus.

What does it mean to live pure and peaceful lives? It means living according to what His Word (the Bible) has to instruct us in. Which in turn means that we need to read and study His Word to know what it says.

And then, of course — Put it into Practice!

Living pure and blameless lives is a response of gratitude and honour in living a life of worship before our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!