Reflecting on God’s Word . . .

Mark 6:45-52 NLT
[45] Immediately after this, Jesus insisted that his disciples get back into the boat and head across the lake to Bethsaida, while he sent the people home. [46] After telling everyone good-bye, he went up into the hills by himself to pray. [47] Late that night, the disciples were in their boat in the middle of the lake, and Jesus was alone on land. [48] He saw that they were in serious trouble, rowing hard and struggling against the wind and waves. About three o’clock in the morning Jesus came toward them, walking on the water. He intended to go past them, [49] but when they saw him walking on the water, they cried out in terror, thinking he was a ghost. [50] They were all terrified when they saw him. But Jesus spoke to them at once. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage! I am here! ” [51] Then he climbed into the boat, and the wind stopped. They were totally amazed, [52] for they still didn’t understand the significance of the miracle of the loaves. Their hearts were too hard to take it in.

Reflection . . .

Jesus was needing time to pray alone. He sent his disciples off in their boat and in the middle of the night Jesus saw that they were in serious trouble from force of the wind and waves. Their first thought was that Jesus was a ghost and they were terrified.

What does Jesus say? “Do not be afraid! Take courage! I am here!”

What wonderful words for us all to hear not only in times of fear, but at any time! Jesus is with us and he is able to calm any storm change any circumstance. More than anything he is able to bring calm to our hearts and minds. Even though we may not understand what all is going on or what he is doing, or trying to teach us, we can know that he is there with us. We can trust him because He is our Salvation!